18 July 2006

Voter ID?

In the last Mexican election voters were required to show ID. The election was hailed by many international observers as a model election. To be fair, there are accusations of fraud, but it is Mexico; do we really expect anything less?

Now let's look at the United States. Many states like Georgia and Missouri have passed laws to require photo ID to vote. This sounds like a simple measure to prevent fraud. This should be straightforward and easy to implement. No additional equipment should be needed. But the usual suspects are claiming that these kinds of policies that are intended to limit voter fraud limit access to the process. Yes, there are people that do not drive and travel and therefore would not necessarily have a driver's license, passport, or other type of ID. So let us work to get them the necessary ID. I suppose the naysayers would rather allow illegal aliens and others not elegible to vote to participate in our representative democracy.


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