02 November 2006

Open Letter to the Democrats and Republicans

Something unique is occurring this election season. I hear more and more people fed up with Washington. The media is quick to seize upon this and proclaim that people are fed up with the republicans and Bush’s failed approach in Iraq. Of course, the media never listens to anyone but themselves. If they listened closely they would hear the discontent of the American people with the entrenched two-party political system.

I have heard some people refer to the two-party system as the repubicrats and the democlans. Is there really a difference between the two parties? Yes and no. The differences are only apparent when it comes to the fringe topics like abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, and flag burning. When it comes to spending like a kid in a candy shop there is no difference. When it comes to doing what is best for the country beyond their term in office they both chose political self-preservation for short-term gain over smart, long-term solutions. When it comes to making the hard choices they both prefer to focus on nonsensical, unimportant issues that are easy to solve instead of digging into the details, rolling up their sleeves and solving the problems that vex us now and will vex their grandchildren in the future. When it comes to presenting real ideas and talking about the issues both parties prefer to attack and attack and attack the other instead of propose, debate in a civil manner, compromise and solve.

I firmly believe that the republican and democratic parties have completely lost touch with what is important for America and its citizens. The republicans have absolutely squandered their opportunity for the last six years to be the party of ideas and solutions. The people speak out and our elected officials do not listen. These parties have no answers for me. In fact, I have no choices in this election. I can vote for either the democrats or the republicans and comfortably know that our national debt will increase, pork barrel spending will remain the same or increase, our borders will not be protected, we will not be given choice when it comes to our inadequate education system, and our hemorrhaging social programs will not be overhauled. I know this because the political system we have now is impotent. I know this because there are NO leaders in either party.

So democratic and republican candidates, what am I to do? You do not give me a real choice. I can’t vote for the progressives (just a different name for socialists) or the libertarians (come on, this is not an option).

This is a particular problem in Missouri this year in the senate race. McCaskill is clueless. Anyone that thinks the Bush administration can control the price of gasoline is an idiot in my book. How can I elect a senator that has no understanding of supply and demand and the futures markets? Then there is Talent, or as I like to say Talentless. I have met the man and am far from impressed. He was one of the brain trust behind the $100 rebate to Americans when gas prices were increasing and stupid people in SUVs were complaining. Instead of making sure that America is the leader in renewable energy technology (which would be a good thing for our economy, no?) he thinks more of the same is needed. The man is merely a talking head for the republican party. I doubt he has a single unique thought attributable to his own intellect.

That is how bad it has become. We are left with a choice of the lesser of the two evils. Is that really a choice? I suppose my only choice is to write myself in this year and hope that a real candidate will emerge in future elections. Until then I will dream the impossible dream of a REAL third party option.

Photo by KCthinker. Cat in doorway, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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