26 January 2007

The First 100 Hours...

What exactly has been accomplished in the first 100 hours of the democrats rule of the house and senate? Sure they voted on some feel good legislation that means absolutely nothing to 99.4 percent of America. But have they unveiled any strategy to tackle the insolvency of Medicare and social security? Have they decided to cut out the pork and balance the budget this year instead of having a five-year program? Have they decided to take a real critical look at the Iraq situation and realize the true impact of their "redeployment" scheme on the region? Have they done anything other than pat themselves on the back because they are the kings and queens of Washington, D.C. again? Does proclaiming your support for your state's college team in the bowl championship game on the floor of the house and senate count as doing anything of substance, or was that part of the 100 hours? Please tell me how the democrats are any different from the republicans. In my opinion they are more of the same just under a different moniker.

Photo by KCthinker

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