28 May 2007

The Bush Presidency – A Legacy of Failure?

If you told me in November 2000 that the Bush presidency would be littered with policy missteps, scandals, and outright embarrassing failure at almost every turn I would not have believed you. I probably would have thought “How bad could it possibly get?”

Nearly seven years later I have to contend that George W. Bush ranks up there with the worst presidents. He has earned his place on the table with the likes of Jimmy Carter.

Because there are so many ways in which President George W. Bush has failed the United States I will at least first bring up the one and only area in which he has succeeded. President Bush has done one thing right. With the cooperation of the House and Senate, he cut taxes and provided a spark for the American economy in the aftermath of 9/11. You can say what you want, but the United States economy is doing alright.

Now that the kudos are over let’s examine where he has fallen far short of expectations. I am sure there are others. Feel free to let me know what I missed.

1. Education. Crafted with a worthless democratic senator, the No Child Left Behind Act misses the mark on education reform. This act has decimated education in America. It does not provide the necessary tools for our children to compete in the global economy. Another well intentioned, poorly thought-out piece of legislation – just one more in a long line coming from Washington, D.C. The only thing that the No Child Left Behind Act guarantees is that today’s children will not be smart enough to recognize the ways its government is failing them in the future therefore ensuring that selfish and clueless politicians remain in power.

2. Prescription Drug Plan. Another example of the federal government doing what it does best – waste taxpayer money – one of the most ill-conceived modifications to an ill-conceived government program. In one swipe of the pen, President George W. Bush bankrupted future generations of American citizens. Thanks W for not looking out for the unborn.

3. Energy Policy. Crafted with oil and natural gas in mind it falls far short of bringing this country into the 21st century and providing the means for the United States to kiss Middle Eastern and South American oil good bye. Bush’s short sighted policy comes at a time where far sightedness is needed. Instead of ensuring that the United States is a leader in renewable energy technology it ensures that the United States is kept in a 20th century frame of mind.

4. Budget. If you would have told me seven years ago that the Republicans would spend like the Hollywood elite in a cosmetic surgery and recreational drug store buying frenzy, I would have told you that you were off your rocker. Needless to say, under President George W. Bush, we have spent like money was going out of style. Recession or no recession, there is no justification to borrow nearly $2 trillion in the last seven years. Congress, with President George W. Bush’s guidance should have cut spending. Unlike the conservative talk that got him elected, President George W. Bush has been at the helm of one of the largest expansions in federal government. Thanks for increasing the mediocrity of our society, President George W. Bush and again not looking out for the unborn.

5. Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. The war in Afghanistan was justified; the one in Iraq was an unfortunate decision. We should have concentrated on Afghanistan and rounded up and killed each and every Taliban fighter. But, instead, President Bush did not heed any of the obvious warning signs and decided to take on Iraq as well. Now we are fighting a half-assed effort in both countries. Once again President Bush and his team had no plan for maintaining peace and transiting government after an easy win. Years later Bush is finally getting it by providing more troops (still not enough in my opinion) but the American public with its 60 second attention span has lost its taste for these wars. It does not help that UBL, or OBL or whatever the pricks real name is, has not been caught either.

Now I should not lay all the blame on President George W. Bush. He had his willing helpers (both democrat and republican) in the House and Senate. And if you think a democrat as president would do any better, guess again. None of these morons has a clue as to how their actions today will affect future generations of Americans. They only think one election at a time.

Photo by KCThinker. In-law's farm in Iowa.

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