20 June 2007

What do Democrats, Fatah, Hamas, and Republicans Have in Common?

On the surface you would not think these groups have much in common. Violence rules one set and ignorance rules the other. But they do have much in common. Each group, in their own way, put their agendas and ideologies over the good of their people.

Hamas and Fatah recently went through an internal power struggle in the Palestinian territories. The result is many dead and wounded, looting, a fractious government, and leaving the Palestinian people with little hope of ever being able to have a true country of their own. It did not need to happen. But once again the pride and arrogance of men trying to ensure they seize or remain in power has resulted in misery. Hamas would not bend on their stance towards Israel. Hamas would not cease firing rockets at Israel. Israel would not stop responding. Pride, foolishness, and arrogance rule the Middle East. Pride, foolishness, and arrogance keep the Middle East from maturing.

The partisanship in Washington, D.C. has not resulted in the chaos like was seen in the Palestinian territories. However, partisanship has resulted in 74 percent of the American people feeling that the United States is not heading in the right direction. Naturally, such an open-ended question will result in significant distortion of reality. For example, is it the economy that is not heading in the right direction or is it education? Are we not heading in the right direction with respect to foreign policy or fiscal responsibility? Or is the stalemate on immigration reform causing this “feeling”? I think that the United States is heading in the wrong direction for a variety of reasons and I blame the partisanship of the democrats and republicans for that. Here again is yet another example of two parties more concerned with maintaining or seizing power while the real needs of the American people are forgotten. They seem to think that they alone have the best ideas and they alone know what is best for us. Guess again. The democrats and republicans are clueless as to what is best for the American people. Once again, pride, foolishness, and arrogance blind these groups to reality and what really needs to be done. The democrat’s hatred of George W. Bush blinds them to the point of doing whatever they can to undermine his presidency. The democrat’s ideology blinds them to the reality that this country was founded on Christian principles and causes them to needlessly burden our society with over-political correctness. The republican’s ideology of religious conservatism causes knee-jerk reactions like removing evolution from biology classes and vetoing stem cell research initiatives. Both parties cannot see the forest for the trees when it comes to fiscal responsibility and ensuring the long-term security and fiscal well being of the United States. Both parties push problems on future generations of Americans; the Americans without a voice.

In the end, unless these groups can work together, find common ground, and work to achieve goals based on that common ground everyone else will suffer in one way or another.


Photo by KCThinker, Old Mine Structure, Cherokee County, Kansas

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