02 February 2008

Why I will never vote for Hillary Clinton

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. I am not some sexist bastard. It is not because she does not have enough "experience." There are plenty of experienced women I would vote for. Senator Clinton is not one of them.

When I listen to Senator Clinton speak this is what I hear:

You know, we've got an economy that is increasingly interconnected with the global economy. It is shaped each day, not just by the billions of decisions that 300 million Americans make, but by billions more that are made around the world. TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE BEFORE YOU SIT YOUR FAT ASS DOWN IN THAT LAZY BOY. And something that now happens far away from Iowa can have a ripple effect that impacts the quality of life and the standard of living for Americans. PUT AWAY THE DISHES. Our economy in recent months has been the subject of increasing worry. CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT? We've got rising oil prices; we've got a deepening housing crisis; we have a falling dollar, in terms of its value; we have a ballooning national debt; and we have weakening consumer onfidence. STOP GETTING CRUMBS ALL OVER THE COUCH. So we understand that we've got real problems, but we see nothing happening under this president to address those problems. HEY, USE A BEER COASTER YOU MORON. Unfortunately, the president either doesn't see them or refuses to deal with them. DAMMIT! I TOLD YOU TO PICK UP YOUR UNDERWEAR! And the net effect of it all is that the economy is not working for middle-class families. IF YOU CAN'T PICK UP YOUR UNDERWEAR I AM GOING TO MAKE YOU WEAR THEM ON YOUR HEAD. Now, we all hope that the economy will remain resilient, and we know that, if we make the right choices, the American economy can, once again, create millions of jobs and lift up the middle class. YEAH, YOU HEARD RIGHT - MAKE YOU WEAR THEM ON YOUR HEAD IN FRONT OF YOUR FRIENDS! But instead of positive policies aimed at making that happen, we've had the opposite: reckless fiscal policies and a president with a tragic habit of ignoring problems until they become crises. MY MOTHER WAS RIGHT ABOUT YOU. The next president will be a steward of our economy at a time when the bills from eight years of neglect and mismanagement will be coming due. The next president will have to turn around our nation and our economy. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY FRIENDS. YOU ARE SO STUPID.
And on and on it goes while she blathers on about some very important policy issues. She comes off as a super abusing nag. Now parts of the above excerpt were taken from an important speech on the economy Senator Clinton gave in Iowa on November 19, 2007. Of course, I missed the important parts because all I could hear was her constant nagging and the fact that when it comes to fiscal restraint she does not have a clue either. When have the democrats ever talked about fiscal restraint aside from the war in Iraq and defense spending?

That alone is probably not enough reason to not vote for her. Here is the second and probably more compelling reason not to vote for her: she has poor judgment. After nearly 8 years of poor judgment in the form of President Bush we do not need 4 to 8 more of someone else with poor judgment. Experience may matter, but judgment is more important. I am sure you want some examples to bolster my argument. I will give you two important ones: 1) her vote on the Iraq war and 2) her husband Bill Clinton.

She voted for the Iraq war. No matter how you cut she voted for it. Anyone with half a brain knew that we should not invade Iraq. Saddam was contained and posed no real threat. Anyone with any common sense knew what would happen when an iron fisted dictator was ousted and replaced with politically correct armed forces. Senator Clinton along with a number of other democrats and republicans voted for the war. That was bad judgment.

She remains married to a man that has cheated on her time and again. He even did it in the Oval Office. Sure, forgive and move on, but any normal woman would have left the cheating bastard. That she remains married to him after all that can only mean one thing: she cares more for attaining power than doing the right thing. That’s bad judgment. Former President Clinton did fairly well in his eight years despite some of his “distractions”. But this country does not need the distractions that he will likely bring to the White House for 4 to 8 years.

DO NOT VOTE FOR SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON. She and what she brings is no change. It is merely a continuation of the tired same-old-same-old.
Photo by KCThinker, stone archway in Goult, France, 2007

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