25 September 2008

The (un)Likeliest of Consequences

While I was in Haiti recently, I was discussing politics and economic issues with several Haitians at a clinic in Les Cayes. This was early September before the recent calamity in the banking industry took center stage after having a minor billing previously. The signs of the coming economic turmoil were there – it is just plain obvious that when you create a bubble from nothing, back to nothing it must go. It seems that the “smart” people running the show are having a hard problem comprehending this fact.

Back to my real point; I was telling the Haitians that the United States was heading for tough times when really hard choices will need to be made and that I thought that our self-appointed role as world police and shining example to the poor would most likely change for the worse. I explained that we have the current problem but the undercurrents of the larger problems with our entitlement programs are far worse. One of the doctors then asked if the United States could no longer be the world's police force who then would assume our role. He added that he did not think that China or Russia would assume it in our stead.

The question/comment struck me. There are many people in third world countries that look to the United States for many reasons. I am not sure the average American can appreciate the standing we have in the world and how this standing is affected by our actions both politically and economically.

Our own depravity is not only having consequences on Main Street in America but will also have long term consequences for those living in shanty towns throughout the world. The consequences will be felt through fewer charitable contributions to the many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in countries like Haiti to less foreign aid from the United States. In countries like Haiti where there is controlled chaos, the consequences of the bubble bursting will be disastrous.

Photo by KCThinker. Women washing clothes in stream, Haiti.


Anonymous said...

In case you didn't notice Hans, Haiti is a shithole. Tell those third world pukes to get jobs and get back here so you can pay for our social programs! Obama needs you!

Anonymous said...

Franz, you are a miserable, uncaring shit. Not only that, but your comment makes no sense. That is what 8 years of Bush has got you.